Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson Staples Ceremony

Michael Jackson's memorial will be held Tuesday, at the downtown Staples Center and is very shameful to the organizers because according to the a police Assistant Chief is expected around 700,000 people to this event. However, only 17,500 tickets will be available and; the police is advising the crowd to do not go and stay at home watching by the TV the ceremony. They just forgot one thing; the King of Pop was a worldly famous person who broke all the records possibles. All the adjectives that fit to describe Michael are maximized: The King of Pop, The Best of the Best, Greatest of the Greatest, sir Michael Jackson, so on and so on; the list of adjectives are infinite; In addiction, his shows weren't simple shows were Mega shows. They should rethink about that and organize better to the MEGA event.

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