Monday, March 30, 2009


It's strange the way the horoscope editor from the newspaper "Metro" changed radically the way to produce the texts. Till last year, 2008, the horoscope editor was showing a lot of personality and knowledge writing the horoscope articles. Moreover, Those articles seemed to make sense, but now they're resumed in just short "2" or "3" lines and are difficult to understand. Please put the editor from last year back. Please, please!!!!

New Mets Stadium Citi Field

Woww!! the new Citi Field stadium is ready and yesterday in a rainy day it hosted the first game ever in its history. A crowd of 22,000 people packed into Citi Field and it was not to watch Jose Reyes steal bases or David Wright hit home runs but to see St. John's university lose 6-4 to Georgetown in the first game played ate the new park. According to Jose Bisono, 21, of Brooklyn, "everything is fresh and new," amazed by the new Stadium, he also said " They definitely did a good job." The Stadium costed $800 million with capacity for 45.000 (includes 2.500 standing rooms) 54 Luxury suites, 11 public elevators, 6 Restaurants, clubs and 850 HD flat-screen TVs.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Secret of the Brazilian Women Beauty

The secret and true behind the beauty of the Brazilian women. When you walk on the streets and see a charming, elegant woman, well dressed or even in a most simple way using a jeans and a white t-shirt; you can recognize them by looking at their sculptural bodies, their amazing, incredible beautiful faces. The commitment with the beauty and hair from the toes to the head is also part of their style. The well and unique way to move their bodies when walking make them to be recognized and set apart and to be called "different" from other women in the planet. They have the most beautiful faces and wonderful bodies someone can ever seen on their lives. But, the secret behind their sculptural bodies is a mix between Africans, Indians and European people who in the past invaded and colonized the country; the women already born with those sculptural bodies, they don't need even go to the gyms to give shapes to their amazing bodies. Not mean that none doesn't go, they do go, but just to keep fit. The other secret on their beauty is the type of healthy food they eat which helps to keep their bodies and skin healthier. Not mention, that the commitment with the beauty is passed from generations to generations, girls on their 8 or 9 years old and so are taught to dress well, to comb their hair and use a bit of lipstick when even go in the morning to a bakery right cross street from their homes to buy bread, milk or whatever.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


"Slumdog Millionaire," that was awarded the Academy Award for Best Picture, could soon be a stage musical on Broadway. Its creators would reportedly like the film's composer, A.R.Rahman(who also wrote the music for "Bombay Dreams"), to pen a full sttage score in addition to using music from the film.


According to a newspaper (am new york) there's a way to catch up a thief of laptops see how things work.Stolen laptops? Now you can tell thieves exactly what you think of them.
There is a Retriever Software program that displays your contact information as your computador boots up. There's even space for a plea to a Good Samaritan-"$50 for my safe return."
In most cases, that's enough to help an honest person return the machine, the chief executive from the software company said. But in the darkest scenarios, Retriever takes off the kid gloves.
You can log on to a Web site and check a box indicating the computer is missing. New during start-up a big yellow and red banner appears on the screen, boldly declaring the laptop lost or stolen. This message is set to reappear every 30 seconds.
You can remotely switch on a second password prompt if you fear the thief hs also stolen your regular Windows, macintosh or Linux login.
Behinh the scenes, Retriever -the software- uses built-in Wi-Fi to sniff out nearby networks, then suss out what internet service providers power them. With that information in hand, you can file a police report and get help locating the criminal.
While waiting for law enforcement to come through, you can even let off steam by sending new messages to the nagging "stolen computer" sreen.

Monday, March 2, 2009


For months on end after the retirement of mid-decade pow-erhouse Justine Henin last May, women's tennis was beset with pretenders to the No.1 ranking.
Whether out of fragility, inability or disinterest, no one plaer was excelling consistently enough last year in the major events to truly claim the top spot. Enter Serena Williams, one of the four elite competitors in the first Billie Jean King Cup exhibition at Madison Square Garden on Monday.
Williams is an athletic force who has long been gifted with the skill and drive to keep a strangle-hold on the no.1 ranking - even more so than her older sister Venus.
But she drifted through years of periodic, subpar play after her "Serena Slam" (four straight major titles from 2002-03).
With increasingly few exceptions, the best players in the world's premier women's sport, Serena included, have compromised their on-court prime in favor of the sort of energy consuming marketing opportunities - fashion, modeling, acting - that top male athletes are less exposed to.
However, Serena seems to have rediscovered her love of tennis, easily winning the past two grand Slam events. Winning her third U.S. Open title in September, the champion leaped into the air a dozen times, legs kicking forward. Her Australian Open title in january was her 10th Grand Slam win.
Serena's tennis rivals might do well to reflect on her exuberant surge to the No.1 ranking; such pleasure in victory is a sure measure of desire.