Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Secret of the Brazilian Women Beauty

The secret and true behind the beauty of the Brazilian women. When you walk on the streets and see a charming, elegant woman, well dressed or even in a most simple way using a jeans and a white t-shirt; you can recognize them by looking at their sculptural bodies, their amazing, incredible beautiful faces. The commitment with the beauty and hair from the toes to the head is also part of their style. The well and unique way to move their bodies when walking make them to be recognized and set apart and to be called "different" from other women in the planet. They have the most beautiful faces and wonderful bodies someone can ever seen on their lives. But, the secret behind their sculptural bodies is a mix between Africans, Indians and European people who in the past invaded and colonized the country; the women already born with those sculptural bodies, they don't need even go to the gyms to give shapes to their amazing bodies. Not mean that none doesn't go, they do go, but just to keep fit. The other secret on their beauty is the type of healthy food they eat which helps to keep their bodies and skin healthier. Not mention, that the commitment with the beauty is passed from generations to generations, girls on their 8 or 9 years old and so are taught to dress well, to comb their hair and use a bit of lipstick when even go in the morning to a bakery right cross street from their homes to buy bread, milk or whatever.

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