Thursday, March 5, 2009


According to a newspaper (am new york) there's a way to catch up a thief of laptops see how things work.Stolen laptops? Now you can tell thieves exactly what you think of them.
There is a Retriever Software program that displays your contact information as your computador boots up. There's even space for a plea to a Good Samaritan-"$50 for my safe return."
In most cases, that's enough to help an honest person return the machine, the chief executive from the software company said. But in the darkest scenarios, Retriever takes off the kid gloves.
You can log on to a Web site and check a box indicating the computer is missing. New during start-up a big yellow and red banner appears on the screen, boldly declaring the laptop lost or stolen. This message is set to reappear every 30 seconds.
You can remotely switch on a second password prompt if you fear the thief hs also stolen your regular Windows, macintosh or Linux login.
Behinh the scenes, Retriever -the software- uses built-in Wi-Fi to sniff out nearby networks, then suss out what internet service providers power them. With that information in hand, you can file a police report and get help locating the criminal.
While waiting for law enforcement to come through, you can even let off steam by sending new messages to the nagging "stolen computer" sreen.

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