Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hell Ride For French Tourist In NY-JFK

Wow! Like in Hollywood movies we use to see taxis and cars speeding up in a temptative of run away and scape from the police chasing; the French tourists saw themselves, this Wednesday, as main characters from a Hollywood movie; the difference between the worldly well known ones and them is that the known ones do rehearsals and are well paid; on the other hand, the French tourists didn’t have time to rehearsals nor were paid to be part of the movie, everything was a real life improvised actions. What an Irony and shame for NY authorities; that being one of the most visited place by tourist from whole world do not have a constant check up or control of who does the transportation on the airport. New York City, a great Place to visit and to live shows one of its weaknesses “ as usually” on the control of Transportation and security in the airport.

The Hottest 4 smart Phones of this summer

The Hottest 4 smart Phones of this summer are the Apple iPhone 3G S, the Nokia N97, the Palm Pre and the T-Mobile myTouch 3G. Analyzing how their hardware and software bit up we can considerer the description of improvements on their software and design. So far, between the four ones, just the Iphone and T-mobile MyTouch 3G show as the greattest options to the public, with a slightly advantage to Tmobile phone, due to the fact of having more memory than the Iphone. On the other hand, on design and customers preference the Iphone is still unbeatable.

Tattoos Can Cause Hepatitis

Piercing and tattooing the body is no longer a good idea, even though is seems fashionable it represents a big risk to the Health. Its practice goes back to the “Old Civilizations practices” when people used those methods to make up and decorate their bodies. Piercing makes holes on the skin and tattooing damage the skin with permanent make up; in addiction, can develop other risks to the health like: allergic reactions, Keloids, a type of scar that forms during healing, and Infections such as hepatitis.

If you’re considering piercing or tattooing your body make sure that the facility is clean and safe. Also to have proper sterilization of the equipment is very important.

Holes from piercing usually close up if you no longer wear the jewelry. It is possible to remove tattoos, but it's painful and can cause scarring.