Saturday, June 27, 2009

Hell Ride For French Tourist In NY-JFK

Wow! Like in Hollywood movies we use to see taxis and cars speeding up in a temptative of run away and scape from the police chasing; the French tourists saw themselves, this Wednesday, as main characters from a Hollywood movie; the difference between the worldly well known ones and them is that the known ones do rehearsals and are well paid; on the other hand, the French tourists didn’t have time to rehearsals nor were paid to be part of the movie, everything was a real life improvised actions. What an Irony and shame for NY authorities; that being one of the most visited place by tourist from whole world do not have a constant check up or control of who does the transportation on the airport. New York City, a great Place to visit and to live shows one of its weaknesses “ as usually” on the control of Transportation and security in the airport.

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