Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sunday, July 12, 2009

MJackson' Mom Fight To Be Ahead of The Financial Leadership

The big battle on court already started. The Attorneys of Jackson’s mother, Katherine, don’t agree that Jackson’s lawyers and long time family friends; “Mr.McClain and Mr. Branca's”; be ahead of the financial leadership. Michael Jackson died at age 50 and with hundreds of millions in debts. But a court filing estimates his estate is worth more than $500 million. His assets are destined for a trust, with his three children, his mother and charities as beneficiaries, and the battle is just starting.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Fight For Jackson's Children Custody

Outing ... Paris, Prince and 'Blanket' on visit to a Las Vegas book shop last year

Another battle is in the air, since Michael Jackson died, people still don’t know who will have the custody of the Jackson’s children. Rumors and speculations exist that the mother, Rowe, who had a financial agreement with Michael before; wants to turn the case out and, ask for custody of the children. However, the strong sign is that Jackson’s mother, Katherine, will stay with the children. It was the Jacko’s wish in a 2002 will. But everybody knows the fight is not only to stay with the kids is because they’re very valuable, whoever is fighting for the custody is fighting for money.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Michael Jackson Staples Ceremony

Michael Jackson's memorial will be held Tuesday, at the downtown Staples Center and is very shameful to the organizers because according to the a police Assistant Chief is expected around 700,000 people to this event. However, only 17,500 tickets will be available and; the police is advising the crowd to do not go and stay at home watching by the TV the ceremony. They just forgot one thing; the King of Pop was a worldly famous person who broke all the records possibles. All the adjectives that fit to describe Michael are maximized: The King of Pop, The Best of the Best, Greatest of the Greatest, sir Michael Jackson, so on and so on; the list of adjectives are infinite; In addiction, his shows weren't simple shows were Mega shows. They should rethink about that and organize better to the MEGA event.