Friday, May 22, 2009

The World's Weirdest Festivals

Tomatina Festival, Buñol City, Valencia region, Spain (© José Fuste Raga/agefotostock)
There is mood for everything. On the last wednesday of August, in Punol, Spain happens the world weirdest tomato festival. People from big cities and small towns join in this funny, and messy adventure. Travelers are also allowed to join to this juicy festival.

The world's largest tomato fight last a weeklong and it has all the other big parties have, It includes fireworks, parades, music, etc... and it's pinnacle is when the adventures meet at some place in the city around late noon and starts a tomato fight. More than 300.000 pounds of tomatoes are dumped in a square in the city where locals and tourist begins the juicy tomatoes' battle.

The festival started around "1944 or 1945 according to various theories that "as either a food fight among friends, the bullying of a bad musician or a rally against dictator Francisco Franco."

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