Monday, April 20, 2009

The New Archbishop from New York

On April 14th, the New York City St. Patrick's Cathedral got a new archbishop, Timothy Dolan, who climbed the steps of St. Patrick's Cathedral and knocked on the church's massive doors with a hammer as was required by the former Archbishop of Milwaukee in a form of ritual for permission to enter the church and lead the New York diocese's, which according to statistics has 2.5 million Roman Catholics and parishes. Dolan, 59, will be officially installed as the number 13th archbishop on New York History. Dolan is known for holding to conservative positions on church doctrine and a cheerful but often jesting personality. Dolan was chosen by the Pope Benedict XVI to replace Edward Cardinal Egan, 77 who is retiring after 9 years on New York City diocese. The New York diocese is the second largest in the country after Los Angeles. But is considered the most important posting in the country.

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  1. seems you did nice research on this article,I'm a catholic and didn't know New York had so many catholics here.